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Chicken consumption is increasing - the degree of self-sufficiency in chicken meat is rapidly decreasing. 

While it was still 131.6% in 2014, it was only 96.7% in 2021. This means that Germany is becoming internationally dependent in the next systemically important area. This trend needs to be reversed. By approving new fattening facilities and promoting existing fatteners, who face the ever-increasing public demands for animal welfare, product quality and product safety on a daily basis. 


More space and activity, optimal climate and stress-free feeding - all these animal welfare-enhancing measures cost farmers time and money. However, farmers cannot adequately compensate for the rising costs through higher prices, direct marketing or special labels. Expensive conversions are not feasible for farmers who only earn a few cents per chicken.


With its worms, Corbiota offers a simple and inexpensive solution.


Animal health is increasingly the top priority for politicians and consumers in meat production. At the same time, farmers should further reduce the use of antibiotics and medicines. This is where Corbiota comes in. We use worms and worm products to strengthen the eubiosis of young animals such as chicks or piglets and make them more resistant to diseases. The natural, species-appropriate products ensure improved animal health and optimal growth - and thus help to reduce the need for antibiotics. In addition, tests have shown that waste at the slaughterhouse can be reduced by up to 50% by using our worms. 

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