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1 of 100 most disruptive companies worldwide! 🚀

What an event, what an experience! 🥳

When announced that we are one of the top 100 global disruptive companies (10 per category) we never thought South Summit would be THAT BIG! More than 17.000 attendees and an interesting lineup of speakers is difficult to beat. 🚀

It’s not only a #Summit, it’s a huge celebration with workshops, concerts, parties and real fun stuff around the whole event. 🥂

The whole City of Madrid joined us in celebrating sustainability, Disruptiveness, Teamwork and great minds in each sector with their ideas. 💡

Preseting Corbiota and our vision to all these people was a real blast 🐥🌱

Thanks to the organizers, specifically those who managed all the 100 finalists - I know it was tough! - and to those who hosted us for special invite only events. 🙏🏼

See you next year!

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