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🌍Born Global - but at home in #NRW ❤️

This week we prove - again - that Corbiota is born global 🏆

While our US team started the Softlanding Program this week, we are also on the road in Asia to participate in the German Acellerator Program. 🚀

But why are we putting ourselves through this stress 🤯

Yes - it’s a lot! And yes, it requires good and precise planning.

☝🏼But above everything: when getting chances, you have to take them!

🇺🇸 We're thrilled to participate in the renowned Soft Landing New York Program Bootcamp in Binghamton and Ithaca, NY. A special highlight of our journey was definitely that Alexandra and Martin-Sebastian had the opportunity to meet our mentor Eric Krohn Director of Business Incubation, for the first time in person.

🇸🇬 On the other side of the globe we shift gears as well. Being part of the Market Access Programm of the German Accelerator where meetings with the CEO of GitHub , Microsoft and others are part of this weeks on site meetings, to open doors to the well selected cohort.

💪🏽We firmly believe that we have a strong global #opportunity to reach a paradigm shift, because conventional animal husbandry can indeed be sustainable, healthy and biodiverse! 🐥🌱

🙏🏼So please support our mission and welcome our global teams with arms wide open!

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