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Corbiota erfolgreich ausgegründet

#CEO and co-founder in #agriculture? 👩🏻 🌾 How sustainable can that be? 🌱

Everyone is talking about #plantbased#proteins, meat substitutes and #vegan. You can read about new foundations in these areas almost every day.

What you rarely read: There are also an incredible number of innovations in classic agriculture, be it in the area of ​​#SmartFarming, #VerticalFarming or just like us in the #feed industry. 🚀

On Wednesday afternoon we celebrated our founding with friends and colleagues from #business and #politics. Corbiota - what a journey. 🐥

The topic of #sustainability and #animal welfare is important to us, as is the #NRW region. Because only with a sustainable concept can livestock farming become sustainable, only with a view to animal welfare does livestock farming remain socially acceptable - and only if we drastically reduce the administration of medication such as #antibiotics in livestock is meat consumption sustainable in the long term. 💊

☝🏼 Our products start right there - and therefore also with our own health.

In addition, we focus on #AI ​​and #automation - and therefore highly promising. 🦾

We look forward to what lies ahead of us


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