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Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf e.V. meets agriculture 🌱

Last week our CEO has been invited on stage to talk about digitalization in agriculture. 🚀

Smart farming is more than „Ph Sensors“ or „ solar panels“ on the roof. And Farming is not as plannable as other industries - and its getting more and more difficult with climate change 🌍

Stephan Schneider did an amazing job moderating the panel:

🌱Silke Gorißen, minister for agriculture in NRW

🌱Christian Benninghoven, Farmer, Gut Diepensiepen,

🌱Lukas Schütz, Marketing Specialist, CNH Industrial Deutschland

But we were not only discussing difficulties in connectivity - also challenges in livestock, reduction of antibiotics and increasing health are huge and important topics in agriculture. 🐥🌱

We are really proud to make a difference in livestock and agriculture with our products. ❤️

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