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Female founders are visible - thx to rocket up! 🚀

💡"Your problem can be experienced differently per country you are targeting, so take time to understand the local context. Often entrepreneurs tend to dive into selling right away, focusing on the sale and solution rather than the problem at hand."

As shared earlier we are part of RocketUp Supernovas International Expansion programm together with 10 other female founders to shape our internationalisation roadmap. Great progress has been made so far and we keep the momentum going! 🚀

Over the past month, we have been on an exciting journey, diving further into the DutchBasecamp Internationalisation Canvas.

In the past few weeks we have had two engaging sessions, where we rolled up our sleeves and dug into our chosen target markets, exploring what makes these markets attractive and whether they are a good fit.

Last week, we presented our findings to the group sparking great discussions among everyone. It was an open exchange of knowledge, experiences and how we can support one another, making the session fly by very fast, maybe even too fast. 😉

A big Thank you to Celeste Reglá Díaz for sharing to us how EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology vast community can support us on our market expansion journey, thanks to your network and connections of corporates, universities, and other entrepreneurs.

📆 See you all in two weeks 🤘🏼

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