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Handelsblatt features scale ups 🥳

And we're in the middle of it 😍

It's something special when you open the newspaper and know that more than 135,000 readers are just finding out that we and our mission exist 🌱🐥

When our journey began with the spin-off in August 2022, none of us thought that we would end up where we are so quickly.

However, we would not be there without the Chemovator GmbH where the idea could mature to the spin-off and Scale-up.NRW through which we are currently making a blatant journey as part of Batch No.2 with amazing mentors and support!

It is obvious that scale-up NRW is also responsible for our "Handelsblatt Prominenz" 😂

Thanks for everything so far 🙏🏼

And our recommendation to all other start-ups: there are really great programs out there! Apply! 🚀

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