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Happy Birthday #Corbiota 🥳

Exactly 1 year ago Thorsten, Pascal and Julia kicked off Corbiota GmbH 😍

One year, 365 days and still true to say „the sky is the limit“ 🚀

🌟From being active with a limited commercial activity in 1 country in Europe we are now active in 7 countries in Europe - but not only that: we recently founded our Corbiota Inc. In the US, look into the Brazilian market and are actively doing Business Development in the APAC Area. 🌍

🌟From a hand full of visionary people to 16 employees as of today - and in the middle of hiring. 👏🏼

🌟From managing our first seed round up to our actual series A round we are in negotiations at the moment 💸

☝🏼But it did not come out of the blue… we really want to thank all contributors who supported us on our way, especially Chemovator GmbH and BASF as without their incubation program Corbiota would not exist today 🙌🏼

🙏🏼We also want to thank our board members and Scientific advisors for being always there, believing in us and supported us always with best intentions.

🙏🏼 And for sure we thank our program partners like Scale-up.NRWEIT Foodand all the business partners such as BAMAAI and advisoryteam at³ GmbHwho supported us over the last months to grow 🌱

The next 12 months will be even more crazy - and will be filled with much more work to achieve our goals🏆

But we know we will get there! We know we will realize our vision to make the world a bit better 🌱🐥🐷🐄 - nothing less than that! 💪🏽

so let’s rock the next year together and stay tuned whats coming up in the next weeks already 🤩

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