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IHK Düsseldorf features #Corbiota 🐥🌱

Whenever we have the chance to talk about our product, people change from „what?“ 🤨 to „wow“. 🤩

🥩The global meat consumption is increasing year over year and we will not stop eating meat globally in the coming decades.

👩‍🔬🔬Therefore we have to do whatever we can do improve heath and welfare, for animals but consequently also for us, as all treatment going into animals will have an impact on our health as well. 🩺

👩🏻‍🌾But we have to keep in mind that agriculture and livestock is a business with lots of difficulties and dependencies. It’s not „just farming“ - it is a highly innovative and at the same time grounding business. 🚜

Let’s make sure agriculture gets the visibility needed to keep our self sufficiency rate as high as needed to avoid imports from countries with much lower standards and to support our farmers in transformation processes rather than limit them. 🚀

You want to read the full article?

Here you go:

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