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Welcome to our facility! 🏭♻️

This week we had the honor to welcome Parliamentary State Secretary Josef Hovenjürgen MdL and Member of the Parliament Marco Schmitz at our facility in Castrop Rauxel. 🤝

Just 1.5 years after our company was founded, we are proud to present our research facility, where we can research the latest technologies to further improve our products and perfect sustainability in production. 🌱🪱

Animal health and welfare is key to healthy food - and therefore also crucial for our own health. We at Corbiota are working hard every day to support this goal and to make the world a bit better - and we do it out of Germany. 🌍

There is a lot to change and a long way to go for us. But we are sure that as long as there is a general will on all sides to achieve this major goal of sustainable and healthy industrial livestock farming, we will be able to achieve it. 🚀

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