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What a milestone for us!  🚀We are part of Seedhouse! 🌾

As one of 6 agtech companies, we have the opportunity to further develop our company with the Seedhouse network. 💪🏽

Why did we choose Seedhouse even though we do not participate in other programs?

Seedhouse, based in Osnabrück, focuses entirely on agricultural, food and related ideas.  💡

The wide-ranging network includes such strong brands as PHW, Agravis, Big Dutchmann and the Coppenrath und Wiese confectionery. 🌍

As an "exotic" participant in general programs, this is of course a great opportunity for us. 🤩

It starts in February - and of course we'll take you with us on our journey 🐥🌱

Click here for the press release:

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