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What a week in the US! 🇺🇸

After spending time in Washington DC we shifted gears and took off to Miami for further discussions! Outcomes are way better than expected. 🚀

🦅 In DC we were able to: 

- Discuss our production and R&D topics already securing a space for our first US production site

- Getting feedback and insights on public funding and preparing for the next round in 2025 

- Experiencing tremendous support on our mission from all counterparts 

☀️🌴 Moving further down to Miami our focus was slightly different: 

- We have been part of the CVC round table put together by Philipp Willigmann (thx again for the chance to participate and being on stage discussing challenges) 

- We were discussing with various interested investors in person in Miami with deep understanding of our strategy and mission and good deals coming up. 

- We kicked off additional sales discussions with sales partners and integrators for further commercial uptake 

🤠 And all in all: 

Besides all the great achievements above we have met great and open minded people who are willing to support us with their personal network as they do believe in our mission but also into us as a team. 💚

Thx again to everybody who took part into such a successful week. You are all amazing! 🙏🏼

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