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❓What if…

… you would get the chance to talk to really successful founders in a very familiar little circle? 🧐

🚀We had the great opportunity to do this even 2 times, in 2 different places that could hardly be further apart:

While our CEO Julia Katrin Rohde participated in the peer to peer session of Scale-up.NRW with flaschenpost SE founder Dr. Stephen Weich in Düsseldorf and learned how #Flaschenpost made it to a #Unicorn against all critics, on the other side of the world in Tasmania at Startupbootcamp our Product Manager Anouk-Sophie Krings took the chance to talk to Canva co-founder Cameron Adams about how #Canva became a 40 billion dollar company. 😳

These stories are tremendously educational for us as a startup, but even more inspiring. And both founders are so incredibly approachable, sharing their stories and encouraging. 🙏🏼

No two paths are the same, they are all difficult - but they are possible. 🌍

Thank you for these great opportunities and the motivation! 🚀

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