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the future of digital farming

We offer a natural, simple and affordable feed that meets scientific standards. We produce patented and specific pathogen free. Our carbon footprint is positive and we are working with various universities on increasingly automated processes. This allows us to guarantee the consistent quality of our products throughout the year.


In our studies and laboratories, Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) methods are used to shed light on the changes in the intestinal flora and health of the animals after feeding with Corbiota from various aspects.  As part of our studies and practical tests, more than 600,000 chicks have already been fed Corbiota in different fattening cycles and compared with a similarly high number. At the same time, we use specially established PCR methods to demonstrate the positive influence of Corbiota on the stable floor. 

In order to be able to offer consistent quality, we produce our worm products and the vermicompost ourselves according to the highest quality standards. 

This also includes 100% final inspection with independent partners. 


Our production is fully automated and built according to the latest technological standards. In addition, our production facilities are C02 neutral. The automation enables us to produce worms all year round with only minor deviations.   

Our research facility with connected production can be visited on request. Feel free to contact us. 

AI controlled

The artificial intelligence specially developed for Corbiota helps us to continuously optimize production - not only can we produce more efficiently and sustainably, but we can also improve the products. 

Our product variants, which are still in research, can also be further optimized using AI. 

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