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🌱Corbiota x APAC 🐲

Yes, as already said, we are quite active in various markets and regions - and the last week was full of highlights for us in APAC! 🚀

🇦🇺Camila rocked the Startupbootcamp Demo Day in #Launceston where our Programm now comes to an end with a lot of impressions, valuable insights and in depth market knowledge to access the market in an optimal way. 🦘

🇸🇬In #Singapore the Market Access Programm of the German Acceleratorcelebrated half time on Friday and Claus-Andreas did an amazing job so far to collect all insights, making great contacts and kicking off our hub discussions. 📍

🌎 While other teams are working on other markets and programs these two have been fully dedicated to #APAC over the last weeks and being back in the coming week we will discuss in depth our next steps to offer our products to customers in these markets. 🐥🌱

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