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🚀FINALS! Here we go! 🤩

🥳Yes, we did it! completely unexpected we have to say… our competitors in the competition are all incredible companies with great ideas, visionary and definitely room for big changes in agriculture. 🚜

We look forward to next Thursday in Osnabrück, where we will pitch to win the GERMAN AGRI STARTUP AWARD 2023 at the innovate! Convention together with the other two finalists NUNOS and Nature Robots. 👩🏻‍🌾

Keep your fingers crossed, cheer for us and support us in Osnabrück to celebrate all these great solutions and show everybody out there that Agriculture is way more than the picture a lot of people have in their mind! 🌱🐥

⏰.When: 23. November 2023

📍Where: Alando Palais Osnabrück

We hope to see you all in Osnabrück! 😎

No Tickets yet? there are still some avaliable:

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