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Today is International Poultry Day.🐥🐓

Compared to many other countries, industrial animal farming in Germany means a high level of animal welfare and responsibility for the animals on the farmers side - many other possibilities for improvement, especially through digitization, are only just conquering the market.🚀

We at Corbiota also support farmers in keeping their animals healthier and enhance animal welfare by feeding them special pathogen-free live worms during the rearing period.🐣

As a result, the immune system is strengthened and animals movement is increased - so animals do not only grow up healthier, but can show an improved food conversion rate, suffer less from illnesses and diseases and thus medication can be reduced. In addition, they are allowed to pursue their natural passion - namely to "hunt" their own food.🪱🐔

In the end, consumers also benefit because they buy meat or meat products from happier and healthier animals, which also affects our own health.🌱

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