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"We are more or less like a cast pop group" 👫.

It sounds strange at first, but the concept works. Our founders didn't know each other before, don't have a common past, weren't friends, didn’t go to university together or anything else.

They were specifically chosen by Chemovator GmbH to spin off #Corbiota - and as you can see, with success. 🚀

After one year, Corbiota is not only internationally active with its own legal entity in the US and recently also with a presence in APAC, especially in Australia and Singapore, but also has 19 employees. 🌍

We are part of Scale-up.NRW, Koffman Southern Tier Incubator and Supernova's Rocket up, the EU program for the internationalization of women-led start ups and scale ups and even part of the German Accelerator Program in Asia 💪🏽

Corbiota is "born global" - and as a team we prove it every day - our products make a difference in livestock and agriculture. 🌱🐥

We stand behind our vision and look forward to the next exciting milestones. 🔜

Thank you grü for featuring us 🙏🏼

‼️you can find the article here:

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